Approximately 40% of all Americans experience heartburn attacks at least once a month. Almost 50% of these are pregnant women who suffer from the condition during the third trimester of pregnancy. Heartburn is not always due to bad eating habits because there are times that it can also be due to physical

Obesity or Being overweight Researchers are still trying to find out how obesity can increase the risk of developing heartburn and based on some studies, the excess fats within the body can push the stomach and increase gastric pressure. It was also noticed that obese individuals have decreased LES pressure with impaired

Contrary to its name, a heartburn condition does not have anything to do with the heart. In fact, this condition is a disorder within the digestive system of the human body. There are several reasons why an individual suffer from heartburn. It could be due to the consumption of wrong foods, stress,

Heartburn is the type of pain an individual experiences in the chest or the esophagus. This pain is often due to the reflux of the acid from the stomach and into the esophagus. There are times when an underlying medical condition is considered as the root cause of heartburn. In other cases,

Most pregnant women complain of a pain and burning sensation in the chest or behind the throat, which extends all the way to the breastbone, particularly during the second or third semesters of their pregnancy. This is often due to heartburn. Despite of the name, take note that heartburn is not related