GERD or gastroesophageal acid reflux can lead to the development of different healthy conditions that can manifest in various symptoms. Heartburn is considered as one of the most prominent symptom of the condition, wherein the affected individual feels a burning and painful sensation in the chest or throat. The person afflicted with

Severe heartburn calls for a thorough heartburn diagnosis, especially if medications and lifestyle changes failed to provide relief against the condition. Burning or painful sensations in the chest and throat are usually experience by anyone occasionally. However, individuals afflicted with severe or chronic heartburn may experience the symptoms more than twice per

Coughing is considered as the body’s defense mechanism against foreign objects and excessive mucus or fluid from the body’s respiratory system. However, it was also found that chronic cough can also be due to acid reflux disease and almost one quarter of individuals suffering from chronic cough are also afflicted with GERD

Despite the name, one thing that you should know is that heartburn or cardialgia has nothing to do with the heart. Cardialgia is a digestive condition that usually occurs when the acid from the stomach comes in contact with the esophageal lining and cause irritation. Cardialgia can also be a symptom of

Obesity or Being overweight Researchers are still trying to find out how obesity can increase the risk of developing heartburn and based on some studies, the excess fats within the body can push the stomach and increase gastric pressure. It was also noticed that obese individuals have decreased LES pressure with impaired