Milk for Heartburn: Best Milk for Heartburn Patients

June 14, 2012

Most people opt for a tall glass of cold milk in the morning. However, this may not be a good complement in case you are suffering from heartburn. For some individuals afflicted by mild or chronic heartburn, the consumption of milk can only worsen the condition and aggravate the symptoms.


Heartburn is considered related to acid reflux disease since both conditions have the same cause. According to studies, heartburn is the result of the reflux of stomach contents and acids to the esophagus.

Trigger Foods

Fatty foods are known as the primary trigger food for heartburn conditions, since these types of foods can relax the LES muscle. Since milk contains high amount of fat, experts believe that this can trigger heartburn attacks along with other milk products such as cheese, cream and yogurt.

Nutrition Facts

Based on studies, whole milk contains high amount of fat and cholesterol compared to low fat varieties of milk, thus making it more of a trigger food than a heartburn relief. According to a research, a cup of whole milk contains 4.5 g of fat and 150 calories. One cup of skim milk, on the other hand, has 0.2 g fat and 80 calories only, thus making it more potent milk for heartburn.


If you want to avoid heartburn attacks, the first thing that you can do is to avoid the consumption of whole milk products. It would be a lot better if you opt for skim milk, as this is more helpful in relieving heartburn symptoms. A cup of unsweetened soymilk contains 4 g of fat with no cholesterol; a cup of almond milk has 5 g of fat and is cholesterol-free as well. Other possible remedies against the condition include a proper diet, weight loss, eating smaller meals, maintaining proper posture and wearing loose clothes.


Take note that not all individuals suffering from heartburn have the same trigger factors. In order to determine which foods affect your heartburn condition, it would be best to keep track of the foods that you consume by having a food diary for it. In case you are suffering from chronic heartburn, you can find an effective heartburn relief by talking to your physician and going through intensive diagnosis. You can also try opting for vinegar for heartburn, such as apple cider vinegar to alleviate the symptoms of the condition.

One Response to Milk for Heartburn: Best Milk for Heartburn Patients

  1. Tina says:

    I’ll just avoid milk and other dairy products just to be safe. It still confuses me which milk is good and which is bad. Some say cold milk can help, but some say it should be hot. So, I’d rather not have any other way.

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