Lifestyle Check for Heartburn

June 16, 2014


Heartburn can sometimes give you those unhealthy days when you have to cope up with some awful pain in your chest which feels like it will never stop. If you have experienced this, you can swear that you never want to experience it anymore because it felt like you were going to have some heart attack. It is scary sometimes but this condition can be avoided with some lifestyle changes. Here’s how:

Do not overeat. We all know the saying that too much of a good thing is bad for you. Well, this is also true with foods. If you tend to overeat, try to regulate your food intake now. Have small servings of meals everyday.

Avoid eating in a fast manner. Rushing your eating can actually bring hurtburn, so take your time eating.

Some foods can also make the hurtburn come back. You should avoid voids which contain too much caffeine. Onions and peppermints are also bad if you want to be heartburn-free.

Being overweight can also make you suffer from hurtburn. Try having some exercise or diet to avoid being overweight and to shed off those excess pounds from your weight.

When you are on your bed, you can raise the head so that you can feel more comfortable. Blocks on your headposts are the best things that you can use for this. Do not use pillows to achieve this as this cannot help.

Avoid eating when you are about to go to bed. It also increases your chances of getting some heartburn. Always eat on a regular time to avoid triggers.

Water should be a regular part of the fluids that you intake. It is the best that you can drink so that you can avoid heartburn. Drink this before and after you have your exercise.  

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