Heartburn can sometimes give you those unhealthy days when you have to cope up with some awful pain in your chest which feels like it will never stop. If you have experienced this, you can swear that you never want to experience it anymore because it felt like you were going

It’s a fact. Many people are suffering from heartburn. It is usually brought about by  eating foods which are full of fat or foods which are too spicy. Overeating is also one of the main causes of heartburn. Chocolates can also cause heartburn too. For some people, fruits which are citrus or

You have just finished with your meal and you have a weird feeling in your chest just behind the breastbone. The pain is coming in waves, and it feels like someone has put a fire behind your sternum. The warm and burning feeling doesn’t stop when you lie down or when you

Heartburn in children is often due to the poor coordination within the child’s digestive system. However, it can also be due to a weakened or relaxed lower esophageal sphincter. Other causes include pressure on the child’s abdomen and the consumption of a heartburn food. Heartburn Symptoms in Children Burning and painful sensation

GERD or gastroesophageal acid reflux can lead to the development of different healthy conditions that can manifest in various symptoms. Heartburn is considered as one of the most prominent symptom of the condition, wherein the affected individual feels a burning and painful sensation in the chest or throat. The person afflicted with