Acid Reflux Cures: Benefits of Herbal Tea

June 22, 2012

Consuming antacids or any other medications against acid reflux disease for a long period can result to various side effects. If you want to avoid these, it would be best to opt for natural acid reflux cures, such as herbal teas. Herbal teas contain high amount of polyphenols, a chemical composition that serves as antioxidants and protect the body from damages due to free radicals. Regular consumption of herbal tea is helpful in easing digestion, which is why it is necessary to consume it after a meal.

Indigestion may lead to increased gastric acid production in the stomach and this can result to acid reflux or the back flow of the acid from the stomach to the esophageal tract. Herbal tea can help regulate the gastric juices in the stomach. For example, chamomile tea can help soothe the stomach and the esophageal lining, as it contains anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, thus providing a calming effect to the digestive system. Aside from that, including herbal tea in an acid reflux diet can also help manage upset stomach.

Choosing an Herbal Tea

If you have decided to include herbal tea to your acid reflux remedies, then it is necessary to bear in mind that not all types of herbal teas can actually manage acid reflux conditions. There are two different types of herbal teas in the market. Herbals teas that contain caffeine should not be chosen, as these can trigger acid reflux and its consumption can only worsen the condition. Therefore, it would be best to opt for decaffeinated herbal tea if you want to manage the condition.

Ingredients for Acid Reflux

Various blends of herbal teas are available in the market. However, it is necessary to check on the caffeine and ingredients content first before using it as acid reflux treatment. Some of the beneficial ingredients for acid reflux are the following:

  • Anise seed
  • Chamomile
  • Allspice
  • Ginger root
  • Fennel
  • Lavender
  • Chicory root

Consuming herbal tea, at least two to three times a day, cannot only help manage acid reflux problems but it can also help maintain the body’s overall well-being. These herbal teas can help restore a peaceful stage of mind with its cleansing properties, relieve stress and stimulate the body organs. Herbal teas can also help relieve cough, cold, strengthen the body’s immune system, and promote a healthy digestive system.

However, take note that before consuming herbal teas as home remedies for acid reflux, it is necessary to consult the physician first to determine the severity of the condition. It is also necessary to know more about the foods to avoid acid reflux in order to manage the condition properly.

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  1. Maribel says:

    I’m a tea drinker and I’m so glad that there’s something that I can take to alleviate the symptoms. So happy to find this page.

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